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Rep. Leger Fernández Statement on the January 6th Anniversary

January 6, 2022


WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Teresa Leger Fernández released the following statement on the one year anniversary of the January 6th Capitol Insurrection.

“January 6th will forever live in our collective memories as the day that domestic terrorists attacked what we love most – our democracy. They sought to overturn a Presidential election and undermine the will of the people with intimidation and violence. A year ago, democracy won.

The attacks on our nation’s most sacred traditions did not begin nor did they end on January 6th. It was part of a misinformation campaign and comprehensive strategy to keep President Trump in office and usurp power from the people. Our lesson is that our democracy is both precious and vulnerable. It is our responsibility–every one of us–to cherish, protect, and strengthen it.

We have built our democracy, its accessibility, its safeguards, and its traditions over centuries, making progress with each generation. Americans must continue to work together to strengthen it against future attacks and subversion. Everyone has a role to play: voting on election day, engaging in your local community, expressing your concerns, and working on the causes you believe in.

In the House, we have passed the For the People Act (the Senate is considering the Freedom to Vote Act), the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Protecting Our Democracy Act to strengthen our precious electoral system. Senate Republicans must stop blocking these important bills from debate and vote for our democracy. Strengthening our electoral system is not partisan, it's American.