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Rep. Leger Fernández Statement on Decision to Dissolve Land Grants Committee

December 22, 2021


Santa Fe, NM - Congresswoman Teresa Leger Fernández issued the following statement on the decision to dissolve the New Mexico Local Government, Land Grants & Cultural Affairs Committee:

I was disappointed to see the New Mexico state House of Representatives dissolve the Local Government, Land Grants & Cultural Affairs Committee apparently without input from the land grants, the acequias, the local governments and cultural affairs constituents that this committee serves. New Mexicans understand that our herencia, our culture, our rural areas, and our acequias are essential to what makes New Mexico unique, enchanting, and vibrant.

We are at heart, a rural state.  Every community, local government, acequia, and land grant must have their voices heard at the Roundhouse and in the halls of Congress.  That is why I and Senator Lujan introduced the Land Grant-Mercedes Traditional Use Recognition and Consultation Act to increase consultation between land grants and the federal government.

In addition, the Infrastructure and Jobs Act contains significant funding possibilities for rural areas, acequias, cultural organizations and land grants.  It is important that these parts of our state have the capacity and voice to compete for these funds.

After discussing this with Speaker Egolf, I am encouraged that the important issues involving local governments, land grants, acequias and cultural affairs will be assigned to a committee with appropriate jurisdiction and strength. I applaud Speaker Egolf for having created the committee in 2017 and have faith that Speaker Egolf and leadership will engage in consultation with the impacted constituencies to the benefit of our state’s culture, economy, and community.”