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Rep. Leger Fernández Passes Amendment in the PFAS Action Act in Response to Highland Dairy Contamination

July 21, 2021


WASHINGTON Today, the House of Representatives passed legislation to protect communities from PFAS contamination that included Rep. Leger Fernández’s amendment on water used for agricultural purposes. 

Rep. Leger Fernandez’s amendment is in response to the PFAS contamination at Highland Dairy, which continues to suffer devastating economic consequences of the 2018 PFAS contamination caused by Cannon Air Force Base. The amendment would ensure that the EPA’s testing regime and risk communication strategy consider the dangers of PFAS to water used for agricultural purposes in addition to drinking water. 

Speaking on the House floor, Rep. Leger Fernández referenced Highland Dairy and urged her colleagues to adopt her amendment saying, “we can’t allow PFAS to work itself into our food system [...] The EPA’s work must be inclusive of farmers, rural America, and the food we eat.” 

WATCH: Rep. Leger Fernández floor speech on her amendment HERE. 

The PFAS Action Act would require the EPA to clean up sites contaminated with PFOA and PFAS, set air emission limits, and limit the introduction of new PFAS chemicals. It would also require the EPA to identify health risks by conducting comprehensive testing for all PFAS and communicate the risks of PFAS to the public.