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National Defense Authorization Act Community Project Funding Requests


Chairman Adam Smith announced that the House Committee on Armed Services will be accepting Community Project Funding (CPF) requests from Members. Each Member is limited to no more than 10 Community Project Funding requests for Fiscal Year 2022 and there is no guarantee that any or all requested projects will be funded.

Please note:

  • All projects must meet the relevant statutory and administrative criteria for funding through the grant program under which it is submitted.
  • A request submitted to Congresswoman Leger Fernández does NOT guarantee the project will be selected.
  • The selection of a project does NOT guarantee it will be authorized by the Armed Services Committee or funded by the Appropriations Committee
  • The Committee will NOT provide cost-share waivers and grantees are legally responsible for meeting the non-federal cost share requirements and all other applicable grant criteria.

The deadline for submitting project requests to Congresswoman Leger Fernández is 5pm ET June 15, 2021. 

Project Requested

Project Name: Directed Energy Research and Education for Workforce Development

Recipient Name: University of New Mexico

Amount Requested: $2.5 million  

Additional Information: CLICK HERE